June 8, 2010

18 – How do I shot web?

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 9:39 pm by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Saki Hyuuga Mai Mishou Dorodoron Spider-Man

For once, a screenshot that actually shows Pretty Cure.

The 18th episode of Pretty Cure Splash Star shows a startling amount of workforce atrocities committed by Pan-Paka-Pan. Child labor, unpaid labor, overly long hours for unpaid child labor, labor compensated only with product, forcing random customers into labor… it’s a wonder the place hasn’t been shut down yet. Different rules for family businesses, perhaps?

Michiru and Kaoru also figure prominently in this episode, as they continue to deepen their friendship with our unwitting heroines. In fact, some individuals like Gohyaan are starting to question whether this friendship constitutes a conflict of interest. Later, when the girls manage to get away from their sweatshop of a bakery, they get attacked by a surprisingly competent Dorodoron with an Uzainaa in tow. Too bad luck just isn’t on his side.

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    thanks for the episode, here’s a ddl link:

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