June 7, 2010

41 – Can’t let you do that, Pretty Cure!

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 6:22 pm by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Moop Fuup

What a shocking turn of events!

And now, we head into the final arc of Pretty Cure Splash Star with episode 41. If you’ve seen the episode title on some anime info site, you probably know what happens. After all, this show isn’t meta enough to have non-spoiler spoiler episode titles. But even without advance spoilers, you knew they couldn’t get off so easily after restoring all six Fountains. After all, there’s still 8 more episodes to go after this. And now that Akudaikaan’s second-in-command Gohyaan has entered the fray, things are only going to get more intense.

On another note, I’m glad I like the OP and both EDs for this series, because I still watch them completely every time I check an episode for release. I couldn’t imagine doing that with Max Heart, if I were subbing that series.

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  1. Ruffy said,

    thanks for the episode, here is the ddl link:

  2. Terry said,

    time for saki and mai to be powerless and useless and have michiru and kaoru killing the bad guys

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