June 7, 2010

17 – If the Nazis get their hands on this Haniwa…

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Pretty Cure Splash Star Mai Mishou

She used to, but Marisa stole it.

Torrent [CRC=5FA4806F] || DDL

Wow, two episodes in one day. In episode 17, Mai learns the lesson that people and their feelings are more important than objects. Oddly enough, I learned the exact opposite lesson as a child: that objects are more important than people’s feelings. After all, people can live on, even if they’re wracked by guilt, trauma, or a little physical pain. But once objects are irreparably damaged or destroyed, they’re gone forever.

…Wait, that’s not much of a lesson at all, is it?  But anyway, watch for how Michiru and Kaoru’s cold and unemotional demeanor actually provides reasonable solutions to… emotional problems. The same thing happens in the next episode, too.

And on a sidenote, episode 17 was the last episode that MFTGX released as hardsubbed .avi, so now every episode that’s been translated is available softsubbed. As stated in the torrent comment, thanks again go Mystery Person X for providing the scripts for 2-17 and sparing me from OCRing eps 10-17. However, the OCR experience I gained was invaluable in springboarding my re-releasing operation. Check it out for high-quality releases of Strawberry 100%, Touka Gettan, and hopefully more in the future.


  1. Ruffy said,

    thanks for the episode, here is the ddl link for 17:

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