June 6, 2010

16 – Trying to catch me fighting dirty

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 6:37 pm by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Dorodoron Uzainaa

Yes, Dorodoron, the lucha libre world quakes in your presence.

Aside from the normal Uzainaa fight, episode 16 shows us some of the roots of Kenta Hoshino’s comedic ambitions, later seen in ep 31 and elsewhere. And there’s some other stuff about following your dreams and all that jazz. There’s not too much involvement from new evil transfer students Michiru and Kaoru this time around, but the undercurrent of conflict between them and Dorodoron is growing. They don’t seem to think much of him, and I have to say I agree.

Torrent [CRC=9338354B]


  1. pcj said,

    Thanks for continuing to do these! I have a suggestion… when you post these, can you post the link to the torrent itself rather than the information page on nyaa? Linking to the information page means I can’t automatically snag it via the RSS feed (the torrent client gets an html file instead of a torrent file, and goes “huh?”). At least when you post it to TT anyway; you can do what you want with the link on your blog 😉


  2. zalis116 said,

    Hmm, yeah, I can try that for future eps, though I saw your comment a bit too late for 17. IIRC I got errors in the past when trying to post direct torrent links on TT, but maybe those have been resolved by now.

  3. Snark said,

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for all your work with Splash Star. I’ve been really into the Precure series since I discovered Futari Wa, and it’s great to see SS finally get the love it deserves. =D

  4. Ruffy said,

    here is the ddl link for 16:

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