June 4, 2010

The Movie – Infinite time stopped beating its heart

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 10:09 pm by zalis116

So here it is, the first Pretty Cure anime I ever saw, the Splash Star movie. This movie is a standalone side story, completely irrelevant to the overall plot. It could occur anytime between episodes 25 and 40, so I figured now was as good a time as any to release it. I wanted to have this released before I went away for the Memorial Day (U.S.) weekend. But sadly, it’s hard to fansub when you’re on a roof tearing off shingles in 85F weather. Expect the 33-40 + Movie batch later tonight, once this torrent is done seeding:

Movie Torrent [CRC=D086C8DB] || DDL

On a side note, I’m not entirely satisfied with the release. The raw had numerous issues, including:

  • Slightly wrong aspect ratio (873×480)
  • Black bars on the left and right not cropped
  • Weird color saturations and brightness levels
  • 5.1 audio — not a bad thing, but some lines may have wound up mistimed because of it.
  • Wonky frame encoding – I kept getting flicker and scene bleeds in my test muxes, even though Aegisub said the lines were right on the mark. I was able to fix this by shifting the whole script forward 2 fames, but that leaves a lot of lines without much lead-in.
  • Overall low file size / bitrate starvation considering the 5.1 audio and amount of action scenes.

So in short, if anybody out there has access to the DVD .iso or better raws, feel free to take these subs and make a better encode. I didn’t want to re-encode it because I feared reducing the quality even more. If you’re satisfied with the MFTGX .avi release, you might not want to bother getting this one.


  1. dood said,

    Awesome, thank you very much.
    I was about to ask when should this be viewed but its all in the torrent description.
    I’m only on episode 12 😛

  2. K.o.R said,

    Looks like the DVD is still around (5400 yen plus shipping), finding an iso of it seems difficult though. Maybe CureCom should have a whip-round? 😛

  3. Epyon said,

    Thanks for your hard work. ❤

  4. Ruffy said,

    thanks for the movie, heres the ddl link:

  5. K.o.R said,

    LM over at the CureCom channel pointed me to this torrent:


    which has (along with just about everything precure ever) an HD raw of the SS movie from the same TV channel as the YPC5 movie released a while back.

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