May 22, 2010

24-32 Batch – The Pretty Cures of Dark Water

Posted in Batches, Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 4:08 am by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Ms Shitataare Introduction

Good thing she uses water, because those sleeves are a fire hazard.

24-32 Torrent

The third of five partial batch torrents is now available for  downloading. This set of episodes features the exploits of the often-misnamed Ms. Shitataare. Unlike some of the other minions, she’s as devious as they come and uses all manners of tricks and disguises. She’s not even above betraying her superiors when she feels slighted, as we found out in episode 30. But at least her speech is polite and refined.

Episode 39 is translated, and timing/release will commence tomorrow morning. After that, only episode 40 and the movie (which is effectively 2 episodes) remain before Batch #4 is complete.

P.S. Would anyone be able to post updates of PCSS releases to the precure LJ community? I haven’t been able to actually join it because of an old/inactive email address or something. Plus, it’d feel like shameless self-promotion if I… posted them myself.

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