May 20, 2010

38 — Basic Train-ing

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 4:26 am by zalis116

Pretty Cure Splash Star Saki Hyuuga Idol Form

We're going back to being ordinary Magical Girls!

First off, pardon this script’s lame puns that only work by sheer coincidence.  It must be a manifestation of my anime fandom roots in DiC’s Sailor Moon dub. Second off, enjoy episode 38, wherein Kintolesky reveals an ulterior motive behind his fights with Pretty Cure. I’m thinking he’s a little too honorable for his own good, and something tells me he won’t be around for too many more episodes :O

Torrent [CRC=1456CA13] || DDL

P.S. I’m pretty bad about checking my normal personal e-mail, and even worse about checking fansub-related emails. Long story short, if you sent the “group” contact e-mail anything in the last few months, please re-send it ^_^;;

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  1. Ruffy said,

    thx again for a nice new episode 🙂

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