May 8, 2010

13 — Going down in flames

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 1:20 am by zalis116

Moerumba Pretty Cure Splash Star

The rainbow version is commented out.

Once again I reach back to the older episodes, to bring you unlucky episode #13. This time, we see the thoroughly anticlimactic, ignominious end of Moerumba. It’s telling that he only gets 6 episodes, while the other minions get 7. Or 9 in the case of Ms. Shitataare. And in the preview, we see the introduction of two characters who are easily Splash Star’s most memorable and compelling figures.

Also, if you’re wondering about popular anime torrent tracker bakabt (where I hope to have a batch hosted when I finish), read this; apparently they’re under a DDoS attack.

13 Torrent [CRC=930DE4C8] || DDL


  1. michaldx said,

    Great job!! And thanks for support of BakaBT

  2. Ruffy said,

    thanks for the episode, another one to switch 🙂

  3. That Guy said,

    I don’t know if you’ve answered this elsewhere, but why are you subbing this show in two parts? Why not just start at the beginning and run to the end? Were/are you picking up on the tail of some other group that stopped after ep 24 or something?

    • zalis116 said,

      01-24 were subbed in the past by Mystery Fan Translation Group X. My releases of 01-24 are re-releases of MFTGX’s subs with DVD raws instead of TV raws. I didn’t simply start from the beginning because I wanted to give fans newer episodes sooner. So I alternate between re-releases, which are relatively easy to do, and new releases, which aren’t quite so easy.

  4. Lenna said,

    I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you subbing this series! I randomly just got addicted to the Pretty Cure series and I’m glad you are working on it. 😀 I also super appreciate the DLL versions too.

  5. Ruffy said,

    the important part is, that a series is completly subbed, from episode 1 to end.
    take yes precure 5 for example, it’s subbed til episode 23 or so, and then tv-nihon starts subbing it again, but they start with episode 1… honestly thats no good.
    it’s almost the same with fresh pretty cure, curecom is releasing “important” episodes or so, it’s nothing that makes me happy, but they are releasing that’s the important part. well i’m not happy they started gogo before finishing fresh but they are releasing episodes.

    to sum it up
    i like the way zalis116 subs pcss, he is doing a fine job, plz continue the good work 🙂

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