April 26, 2010

37 — The Cultural Festival… OF DOOM!!

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 4:21 pm by zalis116

The real purpose of Pretty Cure: Moichendaizing!

So, lately I’ve been watching Ginban Kaleidoscope, a show about a figure skater who gets possessed by a Canadian ghost. Now, Ayako Kawasumi is quite recognizable as the main character, but I couldn’t help thinking that her coach sounded familiar as well. Then it hit me… he’s Kintolesky! Sure enough, Juurota Kosugi’s name came up in the credits, and now I won’t be able to listen to Coach Takashima without being reminded of Kintolesky’s spiels about winning, losing, and training. Anyway, the K-man decides to show up and cause trouble at the Cultural Festival in this episode. Note the Uzainaa’s visible frustration at being left out of the fight.

Torrent [CRC=84CA2498] || DDL


  1. Ru said,

    Thanks alot again =)! I so love this series ❤

  2. Sadie89 said,

    Thank you so much for subbing this show^^
    An italian Pretty Cure Fan **

  3. Epyon said,

    Thankies for the new episode~ ❤

  4. Ruffy said,

    Thanks for subbing this show

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