April 7, 2010

36 – I *AM* the Pumpkin King!

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 12:09 am by zalis116

The persistence of advertising memory.

Cool cool cool, cool tools!

This time around, Kintolesky tries for a less direct approach to defeating Pretty Cure. Not surprisingly, it’s not very successful. Because he’s far too noble for that, which I have to respect. Other than that, Saki and Mai are tied up with Cultural Festival prepartions, with Mai shouldering a much larger burden. All Saki has to do is help out with her class’s horror house. I wonder if it’ll have a “rest area”…yeah, probably not.

Torrent [CRC=F1702BE8] || DDL


  1. Ru said,

    YAAAY ty so much ❤

  2. Lol nice screen shot

  3. Ruffy said,

    thanks, can’t wait to see 37 🙂

  4. Anon said,

    Thanks as always

  5. Reb said,

    Wooh! Thanks much!

  6. Tigerhorse said,

    Okay Mai… when in doubt, draw naked pictures of Saki?

    • CureMiracle said,

      I know you’re referring to the sculpture she had designed =)
      Mai would probably do if she had seen Saki naked LOL!!!
      Mai can remember everything she sees precisely and draw it out, and she often draws pictures of Saki without Saki noticing it.
      I remember there was a scene where Saki accidentally opened Mai’s artbook and saw it was full of drawings of herself in all kinds of poses and from all angles. If that were me I’d probably get freaked out, but Saki was totally touched. I guess she just has a pure heart and kind nature, or maybe just because she loves Mai.

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