March 31, 2010

12 — Can’t start a fire without a spark

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 4:29 am by zalis116

Pic related, really.

In this episode, is the destiny of Mai Mishou controlled by some kind of transcendental entity or Law? At the least it is true, that she has no control over Choppi going AWOL What do you want to bet Choppi has a run-in with a flaming Dark Fall minion in the process? Good thing the oldest tricks in the book always work. As if that weren’t enough, Mai’s got a scenery painting to paint. Will she stay in the realm of the safe and ordinary, or will she troll the art club and paint scenery that doesn’t exist?

Torrent [CRC=663D3ECA] || DDL


  1. lumy said,

    cant wait to get episode 36:)) gj really

  2. ruffy said,

    thanks for your hard work

  3. Shima said,

    Pic IS related, LOL!

    Really enjoying your work, thank you!

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