February 23, 2010

34 — That’s no moon, it’s an Uzainaa

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 3:32 am by zalis116

Time to set aside some secret projects I’m working on to troll people, and come back to a more legitimate project. Well, as “legitimate” as fansubbing can be these days, anyway. Here’s episode 34, wherein Saki hangs out with an older boy and collects “grass” from an unmonitored field. Subversive counter-culture messages, perhaps?

Ep 34 Torrent [CRC=29DF09FF]


  1. ZeroXenos said,

    I Was getting kinda worried about you there with no updates and all, well thanks for the release.

  2. Mertal said,

    Was getting kinda nervious myself. Hate to see this show go cold again, just when I found this group.

  3. Elizara said,

    Multiupload link for direct downloaders (crossposted from LJ group):


    And yes, got a little worried about you. I’ll kick Lolipower if they don’t have this up in a couple weeks.

  4. Puchinri said,

    Funniest summary ever.
    Thanks for the ep!

  5. Mertal said,

    Mmmm.. Could Pretty Cure Splash Subs have caught the same curse that did-in MFTGX?

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