January 15, 2010

33 – Lawful Evil’s Power Level is EXACTLY TEN THOUSAND!!

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 5:16 am by zalis116

Saving the best minor minion for last.

It’s a little later than I originally said, but here’s episode 33. This episode introduces Kintolesky, and I gotta say, I like this guy. After nine episodes of Ms. Shitataare’s underhanded schemes, it’s refreshing to see a noble, honorable, and fair fighter. Who casually drops by Pan-Paka Pan to buy bread. Luckily, chivalry doesn’t get in the way of Kintolesky being bad-ass and powerful. Fortunately, Pretty Cure find the motivation to fight back thanks to a startling logical fallacy.

33 Torrent [CRC=2AB0F19B]


  1. Ruffy said,

    can’t wait when this anime is finished subbed 😀
    a mu link for the episode

  2. darkcat said,

    I hope you’re doing ok. I just worry when I haven’t heard any updates from you in a month. I’m patiently awaiting the next episode…and take your time but I’d still like to know if you’re alive ^^

  3. Mertal said,

    Again, thank you for subbing this show! Hope next episode is soon!

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