December 31, 2009

Capítulo 08 – El estreno de Moerumba

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Ep 08 must have tears and infights, it's Pretty Cure law.

En este episodio, se introduce Moerumba, un enemigo nuevo para Pretty Cure. Controla el poder del fuego, baila el cha-cha-cha, y siempre llama a Pretty Cure “señoritas”. Normalmente, tal situación no sería tan problemático para Saki y Mai. Pero la relación entre ellas ha sufrido a causa de una pelea sobre el tratamiento de Saki de su hermanita, Minori. ¿Ya no pueden unir sus energías y triunfar ante la amenaza de Moerumba y su Uzainaa? Pues, mírelo, si no lo ha mirado en el pasado.

08 [Torrent] (CRC=AE0F9D35) || 08 DDL

At any rate, to address concerns over the momentum of this project: I’ve had 8 and 32 essentially ready for awhile, but I just hadn’t gotten around to test-watching them with the holidays and everything else going on. Like tonight, I took some time at my aunt’s house to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers demolish the Arizona Wildcats, 33-0. In HD :O Plus, they’re having freeleech over at BakaBT, and that’s been tying up my meager bandwidth… Ah, so many marginal shows that I didn’t want to burn ratio on, so many TV-rips to upgrade to DVD-rip fansubs, so many old TV-rips of shows I own on DVD to DL, lol… But you can expect Splash Star 32 before the end of 2009 (GMT -7).

Ah, yes, I’ve criticized Ayaka Saito and her often-annoying little-girl voice in the past. But in fairness, you should check her out as Yurika in Touka Gettan. Instead of a bratty little girl, she plays a blood-sucking sexy lesbian dimension-traveling vampire girl who gets captured and forced to cosplay by magical shapeshifting butterflies. I wish I were kidding, but Touka Gettan defies all attempts at summary and logical explanation. And yet it’s still awesome.

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  1. ila said,

    Not sure how much you check the comments, but we could really use a seed for episode 8. If I could finish at least I wouldn’t mind seeding until the leeching died down.

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