November 27, 2009

Episode 31 — Is this a dancing animu?

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 3:57 am by zalis116

Believe it!

Recruiting Fail

After a few days of slacking and eating delicious climate-changing meat, I bring you Episode 31. As I said earlier, this episode was difficult to translate because of the puns and visual-aided wordplay, courtesy of the guy in this image. Specifically, it was hard to translate “my way,” that is, re-writing lines to work in English without the need for translator notes. But in keeping with previous releases, I decided to use the “MFTGX style,” with some notes and (parentheticals), rather than the “Arienai style.” Actually, there’s a bit of both, but the main point is that the episode is finished and I can move on to the next tasks.

Oh, and new ending for this episode. I didn’t like it that much at first, and I usually skipped it back when I was watching the raws for pure enjoyment’s sake. But it’s grown on me a bit. Another special thanks to Mystery Person X, who’d done karaoke for ED2 and sent it to me along with the 02-17 scripts. Maybe someday I’ll learn to actually do k-timing for myself.

31 Torrent [CRC=6DBFBB39] || 31 DDL [later]


  1. Ruffy said,

    hi there i found a new link

  2. The Enigmatic Murdercake said,

    Hey man, are you still alive? No pressure intended if you’ve just been taking a break, but it’s been a month without contact and I’ve been worried that given that no one actually comes here to thank you for the releases that you might have lost the momentum to release the series.

    I’m not really good at the whole praise thing, but even at my local anime society I know a whole bunch of people who’ll hate to miss out if you do have to drop it.

    Did you ever get any extra help, or is it still a one man show? I haven’t checked the responses over the course of the blog, but when you were first asking, you were looking for a TLC, timer and QC. Now, I can’t offer the first of those (you seem to be doing fine anyway), and though I can offer the third of those I imagine it’s largely meaningless. However, as tedious as timing has always been, I’m fairly well-versed in it and would definitely sit through it again if it helped lift some weight off your shoulders and helped to build momentum with the releases again.

    tl;dr: are you alive? If so, do you need any help? Let me know if you do and I’ll get in touch.

  3. AegisRabu said,

    So you just put those infamous “fansub notes” at the top? Fine.But I beg you, dont make an habit out of this.

    • zalis116 said,

      Believe me, I don’t like those fansub TL notes either. It’s just that this episode’s specific characteristics forced my hand a bit. Normally I would sacrifice pure accuracy in favor of rewrites to work better in English and avoid TL notes. But Kenta’s wordplay is often accompanied by visuals, so if I did aggressive rewriting, there would be a disconnect between what people read and what they see. Rest assured, excessive notes and weabooism will be avoided as much as possible. Fortunately, I don’t recall any other episodes that will need this much TL noting.

  4. Guido said,

    First of all let me give thanks to the staff of the Pretty Cure Splash Subs group.

    They’re doing a terrific job at releasing this series episode by episode. I’m helping at being patience, downloading other shows elsewhere or simply getting a life, hence, I’ll never get annoying by bugging anyone here for episode release.

    However, guys could I ask humbly for a favor?

    Please, is there anyone here that could likely seed episode 31 and episode 32?

    What happens is that right now I’m downloading those episodes, but I get 0 seeds and 0 peers while attempting download, and it’s been about 3 days since this has happened?

    The episodes are:
    [PCSS] Pretty Cure Splash Star 31 (DVD)

    [PCSS] Pretty Cure Splash Star 32 (DVD)

    • zalis116 said,

      All PCSS releases of eps 25+ can be found for DDL at

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