November 4, 2009

Episode 29: Mascotmonogatari

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 10:12 pm by zalis116

Bubbleman ain't got nothing on these two.

Mupu! Fupu! Lapi! Chopi!

So I finally have everything working again, and what I thought I’d do was release episode 29 of Pretty Cure Splash Star. Unfortunately, this one is a big Flappi/Choppi/Moop/Fuup-centric episode, so prepare yourselves accordingly. I didn’t do a final-final watch of this episode, but I’m pretty sure I fixed the errors I found in my test watch. So it should be good. Luckily, the next episode is quite good. 30 and 5 should be out before too long.

29 (Torrent) [CRC=CAB63DC9] || [29 DDL]

Unfortunately, my current Internet connection is slower than my old one, so the torrent may take awhile.

EDIT: o hay, it’s episode 05. I’d had this done before the downtime, and released it this morning before going to sleep.

05 Torrent [CRC=4BC7233A] || [05 DDL]

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  1. ruffy said,

    thanks for subbing pretty splash star 😀
    could anybode plz seed episode 3 again?

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