October 15, 2009

Some slightly bad news.

Posted in News/Update, Pretty Cure Splash Star at 12:56 am by zalis116

Sorry to announce a delay so early, but there won’t be any releases for the next few weeks.  Episodes 5, 29, and 30 are all done or close to done, but due to some malware crap, I’m unable to finish and upload them. Fortunately, all my fansubbing-related files are safe on other drives. Additionally, I’ll be moving and without Internet for some length of time. But after I install a new main HDD, rest assured that I’ll be working on 31+ and 6-24 to bring you some multiple releases once things are back to normal.

Also, since I’ll be unable to reseed any torrents, it’d be appreciated if anyone could upload 1-4 and 27-28 to Megaupload or similar sites. Feel free to post links in the comments here or in the LJ community.


  1. Kimiko said,

    Good luck getting your computer back in order, and congrats on your new home 🙂

  2. Epyon said,

    Good luck with your computer and your moving. :3 The delays are no problem, since we waited a lot for someone to continue subbing PCSS, we can wait some more. xD

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