September 28, 2009

Parallel, Parallel, 02+26 Dual Release ni naare!

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 10:44 pm by zalis116

Blasting strong right out of the gate, I bring you episodes 02 and 26 of Splash Star. Interesting that it only took 2 episodes for this series to have Saki and Mai on a first name basis, compared to 8 or so eps in the original Pretty Cure. But enough talk, have at you!, you want the new stuff. Most summer training camps in anime take the characters to cool exotic locations like hot springs resorts. Yeah… no such luck for Saki’s softball team. But maybe some ghosts and an Uzainaa can liven things up a bit.

Episode 02 Torrent (CRC=DC881F1F) || Episode 26 Torrent (CRC=BED132F0)

Episode 02 [MU] || Episode 26 [MU]

Status updates & stuff…

Also, thanks to Mystery Person X graciously providing me the scripts for all the episodes that he originally released in hardsub .avi, I should be able to get the early episodes knocked out faster. That means I don’t have to OCR 10-17, and I don’t have to spend time fixing missing lines and random errors in the subs I extracted from 03-09. Still, I don’t regret spending the time doing that OCR, because it’s a skill I can put to use for other releases. Besides, I got through rewatches of all of Rune Soldier and most of Outlaw Star on my TV at the same time.


  1. David said,

    The real End from Pretty Cure Splash Star

    Nice video, but I’d rather not have spoilers in these comments.

  2. LeviathanX said,

    Uhm, you’re fast! Thanks for subbing! Are you doing a joint with MFTGX or all alone?


    23 Eps to go, I wonder if you manage to do it O:

    • zalis116 said,

      Mostly alone, for now. I’m using MFTGX’s scripts to do the DVD updates of episodes 1-24. But for newer episodes, it’s all my work except for the karaoke. Luckily MPX did karaoke for the 2nd ED that starts at 33, so I won’t have to delay for that.

  3. Fox said,

    Glad someone has started up this show again thought, I’d never get to finish it Thanks

    But could someone put it on MU, RS or something for those of us who can’t use BT right now

    • zalis116 said,

      I will start putting episodes on MegaUpload, for those who can’t use BT and in case torrents go unseeded. Which they probably will.

  4. kiriospy said,

    thanks x3 for the chapter

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