September 28, 2009

Episode 25 is go!

Posted in Pretty Cure Splash Star, Releases at 12:46 am by zalis116

Here it is, episode 25! Saki, Mai, and the gang head to the beach for a day of grueling forced labor and groaner puns at the hands of the Hoshino family. Oh yeah, and they get to fight against an Uzainaa formed from Toshirou Hitsugaya’s Bankai. Sadly, no swimsuit fanservice — it’s just not that kind of a show, guys.

Torrent. || MegaUpload DDL


Progress on other episodes:

3: Soon to be released

4-24: need to fix timing for DVD raws

26-27: Translating

28 and beyond: who knows???

Once again, refer to the recruiting post — if you can help, especially with timing, you can make these releases faster for everyone.


  1. ZeroXenos said,

    Thank you so very much for continuing this anime, I wish I could help you with something but I’ve never done fansubing before. If you want I’ll try my best in any way possible.

  2. Rikipy said,

    O hai, thanks for the release šŸ˜‰ i invite you on the precure community =)

  3. rikipy said,

    thanks for subbing šŸ™‚ continuing the season ;o

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