August 31, 2009

Pretty Cure Splash Subs! We are… who, exactly?

Posted in General at 12:01 am by zalis116

If you’ve stumbled across this page, welcome. This page is the launching point for Pretty Cure Splash Subs, an extremely small anime fansubbing group dedicated to releasing all of the 3rd series in the Futari wa PreCure franchise, Pretty Cure Splash Star, in DVD-quality h264 soft-subbed .mkv.

MFTGX has done an excellent job so far, but has been stalled for awhile. In the past, I contacted Mystery Fan X and offered assistance, but never got a response. This project is not intended as a slight to MFTGX in any way, but rather a means to an end. And that end is “getting Pretty Cure Splash Star completely subbed.” It is my hope that Mystery Fan X (MFX) and those who have followed his subs will understand. But fear not; every effort will be made to preserve the styles and general feel of the MFX subs, so you the viewer will have as smooth a transition as possible.

I will outline the specific fansubbing positions I’m looking for in subsequent posts. But for now, if you wish to offer your talents, feel free to e-mail me at prettycuresplashsubs {at} y@hoo dot com.


  1. fish said,

    YOU. Are my hero!

  2. blanmgr said,

    Thank you so much for completing this. If you want another Pretty Cure to finish that was dropped and never picked back up by anyone at all. Please complete Yes, Pretty Cure 5 Go Go.

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