August 31, 2009

A Great Recruitment?! Gathering of the Legendary Warriors!

Posted in General at 1:22 am by zalis116

As of now, this group consists of 1 person, me.  While I can do all the necessary steps to bring these releases to completion, I’d rather not if I can avoid it. So I’m looking for a few good men and/or women to help out with a few things. Specifically:

Let the spirits guide you onwards…

  • Timers — in bold because it’s what I need the most.  If you are familiar with Aegisub or another timing program of your choice, and understand how the concepts of lead-in, lead-out, line-linking, and scene-timing work to create a pleasant viewing experience, please contact me. If you’re not entirely sure what these are but want to help get this project completed, I can work with you. No Japanese knowledge necessary — a little bit helps, but I can mark which lines go with which characters.
  • Quality Control — needs solid understanding of the English language, solid enough to detect minor errors in spelling and grammar, but also solid enough to know when these rules are being deliberately played with. Also needs to spot and correct  timing errors (scene bleeds, flicker, flash, deficiency of lead-in / lead-out).
  • Translation Check / Help — while I acknowledge that I’m not the scene’s greatest translator, I’m confident in my ability to TL a show that’s aimed at 5-10 year-old girls (and 20-30 year-old males like me, of course). But if you enjoy Magical Girl anime and want to have a go at TLing a few eps or checking over my translations, I appreciate any assistance you can offer. Just be aware that I translate in a “liberal” style, so I may deviate from “standard” translations of some basic Japanese phrases for the sake of variety, English “flow,” or lulz.
  • OCR assistance (eps 8-17 only) — In order to re-release MFX’s work in the greatest quality possible, Pretty Cure Splash Subs will be OCRing the hardsubs from all episodes that MFTGX released in .avi. If you don’t already know what this is and the kind of work it entails, you probably don’t want to. I’ve done eps 1-7 so far, but the sooner the early eps are done, the sooner I can move to translating the later eps. Or, if you are Mystery Fan X and wish to provide your scripts, I will gladly put them to use directly. I can understand if you don’t want to, though.

Once again, that e-mail address is prettcuresplashsubs {at} y@hoo [dot] com. I have no ftp or plans to establish an IRC channel at this point, so group business / script transfers will be conducted over e-mail. 


  1. chuuaino said,

    ive never done a sub before, but i would love to help however i can. i don’t know what programs are required for this, i currently have sony vegas. but anyway yes let me know what i can do!

  2. Ralene said,

    I’d love to help you with QC, as I’ve done it with many groups and different series. If you need any examples of what I’ve worked on/who I’ve worked with, please let me know and I’d be glad to help you out!


  3. Lunar said,

    I’d love to help; however, I’m completely new to subbing and the sort. I can understand most of the episodes, though I’m not sure if that would help or not, with translating or anything, seeing as you can already translate. ^^’ If you could, mail me with something that I could help with? I’ll try my hardest. ^^

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