August 1, 2014

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 05 – How the .1% Lives

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Hey, Arienai's line wasn't that different!

In this episode, the four members of Pretty Cure infiltrate the Minazuki mansion in an attempt to recruit their fifth teammate. But unlike the equivalent episode in the later Smile Precure, things don’t go too easily. And there is one puzzling aspect – how does Karen get home after she stays at school, and her driver goes home?


June 10, 2014

Yes Pretty Cure 5 04 – Mint Condition

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[PCSS] Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - 04 (DVD) [3F231F7D]_001_25608

Between three weekends of out-of-town travel and some general feeling of malaise and lack of focus, I haven’t been able to get anything out under either of my labels for awhile. But if nothing else, here is Yes Pretty Cure 5 episode 04, which features the induction of Komachi on to the team. But will they be able to recruit their fifth member as easily as the Smile Precure crew did in their fifth episode?


February 5, 2014

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 03 – Dangerous Inquiring Minds

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Maybe you’d thought I’d forgotten about this project, but it’s just been a crazy few months including staffing a convention, numerous holiday season parties with friends and family, finishing one anime every day in December, my imouto being back in the country for a month, and a comedy of hardware errors including a malfunctioning fan that finally spurred me to migrate everything to my new PC and an external HDD that keeps dying and mysteriously reviving. (At least I’ve managed to copy virtually all the raws and files from it that can’t be easily re-downloaded via well-seeded torrents on popular sites.) I’d also temporarily forgotten to migrate the Yes Pretty Cure 5 scripts, raws, and releases to the new PC, but fortunately the old machine isn’t completely dead.

Anyway, here’s the third episode of Yes Pretty Cure 5, in which a lonely actress’s web of lies about her happy school life comes crashing to the ground.


August 27, 2013

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 02 – Cool Story, Sis

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In this second episode, Nozomi begins her Pretty Cure recruitment program by going after her best friend, Rin. But Rin’s the more practical type who isn’t so accepting of all this talk of magic and other worlds. Man, after working on the latter half of the show, I’d forgotten that Bunbee was once a moderately threatening figure.

Torrent [CRC=EB760B07]

June 6, 2013

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 01 – Monsieur Butterfly

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After several months of nothing, here’s… something, anyway. Episode 1 of Yes Pretty Cure 5, available softsubbed for almost the first time ever. Back when I first started watching this, I knew I was in for a treat when Nobuyuki Hiyama showed up as the first villain, and he didn’t disappoint.

At any rate, I hope to have future episodes released in small batches, as they really aren’t that difficult to do. Subs are mainly based on Arienai’s, with some input from ANFO and of course some changes of my own.

Torrent [CRC=65D0BF45]

February 14, 2013

YPC5 – 25-26v2

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As promised in the past, these are new versions of episodes 25 and 26 that use new encodes by KoR, rather than remuxes of Aesir’s releases. Aside from minor timeshifting, the subtitles are unchanged. Aesir’s subs are still included as a third track.

25v2 Torrent [CRC=C93D3BEF]
26v2 Torrent [CRC=25244DAF]

Yes Pretty Cure 5 in 720p

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For those looking for a higher-resolution version of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, DmonHiro has released episodes 21-49 in 1280×720 from HDTV sources. He was just waiting on me to release 23 and 24 to fill in the gap. You can find that batch torrent here, and it also includes Arienai’s .mp4 releases of 1-20 for your downloading convenience.

Is this show technically “worth” 720p, or is the HDTV broadcast just an upscale? I don’t know, and I’ve seen the case made for both sides. (I’m inclined to believe it isn’t, as Toei’s animation has always been a few years behind the times, and this show aired in 2007-08.) And personally, I prefer to get/release disc versions of Pretty Cure shows whenever possible, since they don’t have things like station logos, broadcast announcements, movie/merchandising messages, or clocks. There’s also the chance of fixed animation, and in the case of eps 25-26 and 32-42, extended/complete Next Episode Previews.

Still, I suppose it’s good that people who want 720p versions have that option available, and I’d rather see HDTV encodes out there than 720placebo DVD upscales. (Not that the DVDs were exceptional quality to begin with.) DmonHiro has said that he does not intend to do eps 1-20, as he felt Arienai’s subs were sufficient. I would say there’s room for improvement, but it’s kind of a moot point; HDTV raws for those episodes have never been commonly available in the first place. If they were, I would be willing to release 720p versions of 1-20 alongside the DVD releases.

YPC5 24 – Never Let Me Down Again

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 photo yes5-24_001_16773_zps52a828c7.png
Here was have the last of the “gap” episodes, and it’s a pretty good one — Nozomi storms Nightmare headquarters to save her friends, first through a dream sequence, and then through a showdown at Nightmare Coliseum. The biggest Miracle in this episode is not the first use of the Pretty Cure 5 Explosion, but that Milk manages to be somewhat useful… for once.
Following this, we’ll be working our way through episodes 1-20, as well as the movie at some point. I’ve obtained or extracted all of the scripts in some form or another, so all that’s left is some retiming and (hopefully) minor editing.

Torrent [CRC=2C07B76E]

February 10, 2013

YPC5 23 – Welcome to My Nightmare

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After a bit of a hiatus, I present Yes Pretty Cure 5 episode 23. Just one more episode to go until all eps are available from either Arienai or PCSS. But re-releases of earlier episodes will continue as well.

This is one of the more interesting and somewhat disturbing episodes of the series. An altercation turns into an accident, and that accident turns into an opportunity for Nightmare to strike a heavy blow against Pretty Cure. Oh, and not surprisingly, it’s Milk’s fault. Again.

Torrent [CRC=CA2E363E]

November 27, 2012

YPC5 22 – Fantasy Economics 101

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Something’s got to be off when a fictional evil corporation displays more logic than its real-world counterparts. Meanwhile, the small accessory wing of the Minazuki Conglomerate runs a door-buster sale, with numerous underaged and likely unpaid interns* providing most of the labor. And everybody’s favorite mascot Milk catches market fever and attempts to sell herself for a fairly low (and some would say fair) price. In the midst of a labor dispute, Arachnea makes an appearance and sends in a Kowainaa worthy of admiration from jellyfish otaku everywhere.

Torrent [CRC=2F80A6AD]

*Or possibly “independent contractors”; the whole arrangement is rather vague.

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