March 11, 2017

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 18 – The Surprisingly Honest Media

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This time around, Pretty Cure’s secret identities are at risk when Mika Masuko enters the Minazuki compound, with camera and voice recorder in hand. What will she find? Opulent grandeur? Shallow decadence? Secret pre-election dealings with Nightmare? Abused servants? Or just a nasty arachnid infestation?


January 20, 2017

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 17 – Why don’t you have a seat over there?

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Well, I never thought I’d get to use this post title with this show, but here we are at YPC5 17, which features a rather questionable relationship blooming between Rin and one of her family’s flower shop’s customers. Her friends are understandably concerned, but needless to say, this dangerous liaison has plenty of potential for tragic consequences even before a hot-blooded praying mantis enters the fray.

And is it just me, or do faces and other features in this show get ridiculously derped-out and over-simplified every time there’s a medium+ distance shot of the characters? Look at Karen at 20:30, for instance. You’d think this was some kind of cheap children’s merchandising series or something! And from the 23 episodes I’ve seen of GoGo, it’s even worse… thank goodness they freshened things up a bit with Fresh.


November 27, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 16 – A Harsh Literary Landscape

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Wahp wahp waaahhhp
The focus turns to Komachi this time around, as her creative efforts get shot down by a tough transforming bishounen critic. The ladies of Pretty Cure never thought they’d be on a boat, much less a pirate ship in a storm with Rach-neesan Arachnea.


November 11, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 15 – Domestic Disasters

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yes5-15_001_13254 In this episode, Nozomi creates mass chaos by trying to do housework in place of her sick mother. It’s all part of her hilariously clumsy persona, but I have to wonder if I or any of us would’ve done any better back when we were 12-13. Heck, my parents changed out their gas stove when I was 2 or 3 for fear of me blowing the house to kingdom come. And knowing me, they were probably right. But anyway, this episode also features appearances from Nozomi’s and Rin’s mothers, as well as a tongue-lashing supermarket showdown.


June 23, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 14 – The Art of the Deal

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Economic concerns are front and center on both sides of the ideological divide in this episode, as school clubs scramble to keep operating in the face of dire constraints, and Bunbee tries to keep Nightmare’s costs down to meet quarterly goals. Though maybe if Otaka-san didn’t constantly give out WAY too much change from the school store register, Cinq Lumieres’ finances wouldn’t be in such a shabby state.


May 23, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 13 – The Scandalous World of Sports

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Go Pats - 8th straight AFC East title in 2016!

Commishes don’t know ’bout my Ideal Gas Law.

This episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 focuses on Rin as she attempts to balance her quest for athletic glory with her responsibilities to look after her rambunctious younger siblings, Yuu and Ai. Little did she know that the twins’ greatest peril would come when they boarded a magical subway to the frightening world of Wonderland. Meanwhile, one of Nightmare’s usual rotation of underperformers, has-beens, and never-wases shows up to be almost as threatening as a random PED test. And there’s also at least one dragon.


May 17, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 12 – When Trees Attack

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Pretty Cure takes to the stage to face the massive crowds and blinding lights in this 12th episode, with a special guest Kowainaa appearance, of course. Will Nozomi’s attempts at acting be enough to sabotage Urara’s debut in front of the toughest crowd of all?


May 16, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 11 – Up, Up, and Away

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Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound

Nozomi knows how to make SMART goals.

In this Very Special Episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, we learn just how wrong non-romantic cheating can be, how hot-air balloons work, and how to make a bunch of treacly metaphors about futures and potentials and stuff. And various members of the public see an apparent teacher and middle-school student on a date without batting an eye. But that’s just another ordinary day in Bizarre Alternate Euro-Themed Japan, where giant spider invasions sent by nightmarish corporations are a matter of course.


March 13, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 10 – Saving Small Businesses

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Urara doles out harsh realities.

Urara doles out harsh realities.

Ten down, ten to go — Pretty Cure embarks on an aggressive marketing campaign to feed the endless appetites of their otherworld mascot friends, but wind up in an encounter with a perpetually-hungry villain along the way.


January 21, 2016

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 09 – Girls On Film

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She'll take your picture

Here we have intrepid school newspaper reporter Mika Masuko trying to fulfill her lifelong dream: taking a selfie with a giant spider monster woman thing. Investigating a group of five random girls and their secretive activities is only secondary to that goal.


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